AirJet Games Releases Soccair

arcadehero October 20, 2012 3
AirJet Games Releases Soccair

In the course of our coverage on coin-op gaming, we occasionally come across variations of foosball games(or as a commentor reminded me, something along the lines of the ICE Super Chexx hockey game). One that comes to mind is something we covered way back in 2008 with a game called Jet Ball. This one is called Soccair by Canadian company AirJet Games, this takes pinball, soccer, foosball and air blasts combined into one game for an experience that is certainly unique. Up to six players can control the action on the playfield, using some strange looking controllers that allow one to either by spin their players around or by shooting a blast of air to “kick” the ball away. The molded players add a little extra appeal to the table (they are certainly more exciting than your typical foosball guy). The video shows how the game works exactly and they have a commercial version as well, which has electronic scoring and playfield lights in addition to a traditional sliding coin mechanism.


  1. chaos October 20, 2012 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    ICE had a coin operated soccer game called KIXX that was similar to their popular CHEXX hockey game. I liked how the soccer players actually kicked the ball on that game versus how you use flippers on this game. I didn’t see too many KIXX games so I’m not sure if the added air blasts will make this game any more popular.

  2. FieldHD October 22, 2012 at 9:57 am - Reply

    I wonder how much it cost? Cant find any info on the comapny website.

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