GlobalVR’s The Swarm in Pics and Video

arcadehero November 1, 2012 0
GlobalVR’s The Swarm in Pics and Video

We first heard about a new fixed light-gun game by GlobalVR called The Swarm back in August but since then we haven’t heard much about it, much less seen it in action. Until now of course as they have released a trailer for the game, which you can watch below. For those just hearing about the game, you can check out our initial preview of the game here but in a nutshell, this was originally a PC game that was released back in 2008 and has been re-worked for the arcade. It is GVRs first stereoscopic 3D game, although that is an option that the operator can switch(likewise they can switch the blood/gore on and off). The game will be available soon, it was originally listed as a Fall release so I imagine that they have been waiting for IAAPA to launch it, which is just two weeks away now.

[The Swarm Product page]


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