Pre-IAAPA Videos: SnoCross Arcade, AtomicRUSH

arcadehero November 9, 2012 0
Pre-IAAPA Videos: SnoCross Arcade, AtomicRUSH

IAAPA is next week and with that, more videos for us all to enjoy. I will be there to capture some videos later in the week as well but it never hurts to share some of the official trailers put together by manufacturers.

First off we have a new trailer for Raw Thrills SnoCross Arcade to watch, showing the cabinet and some direct footage of the game as opposed to just the attract mode. This shows a different path in how Raw Thrills has done their videos as this is more of an overall product demonstration. Speaking of Raw Thrills, they are running a donation drive for victims of Hurricane Sandy, details are here.

Also a company called Creative Works has a new product to follow-up their Lazer Frenzy. Judging by the video, it is a little like combining Lazer Frenzy with LAIs Speed of Light for an arcade-style exer-gaming experience. Players have to touch the lit-up buttons on the large wall panels, presumably within a certain time limit to get as high a score as possible. A thermal printer can print out a prize or score ticket as the operator desires and it features a camera system to allow people outside the structure to see what’s going on inside. The website mentions that there are “multiple game types” with “thousands of game variations” although details on what that entails exactly is not mentioned. We can assume that patterns of what lights up and in what color changes but we will probably have to wait until IAAPA to learn more. This can be setup for 1-2 players or up to 8, the 2 player model taking up only 130 sq. ft. of space.

[AtomicRUSH Website]


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