IAAPA 2012 Show Floor Pictures Batch #1

arcadehero November 13, 2012 2
IAAPA 2012 Show Floor Pictures Batch #1

While I was unfortunately not at the IAAPA 2012 trade show for opening day (and won’t be until Thursday), The Stinger Report was and they have exclusively shared with us the first line-up of pictures taken from the show floor. More to come in the following days! UPDATE: PART 2 / PART 3

We have reported on this very cool concept in pool tables before, but now it is playable at the IAAPA show

Sega’s Dream Raider’s and Virtua Tennis 4 Deluxe soaking up some love.

Namco’s Dark Escape 4D making impressions, wetting some pants (metaphorically speaking of course). UPDATE: Dark Escape 4D has won a Brass Ring Award at IAAPA, First Place, Best New Product among Arcade Video Game or Prize Dispensing Attraction. Congratulations to Namco for that!

Of course now I have to mention UNIS’s game that wants to be Dark Escape, After Dark

In my home town we got dumped on by quite a bit of snow this past weekend. Winter X Games Snocross by Raw Thrills brings the sno-fun without the cold.  I have been told that the deluxe model has a feature we did not know about previously, and that is a wind blower.

Jersey Jack’s Wizard of Oz Pinball won a Brass Ring Award at the show for being an innovative product, I can’t remember the last time we could really say that about a pinball game so congrats to JJP for that!

Will fans riot if I make a reference to that “Pump up the jam, pump it up…” song when referring to Pump It Up Fiesta 2? It’s too late I suppose but if it is now stuck in your head like it is mine after thinking about the reference, you are welcome. And yes I regret it too, which is why I had to share naturally.

Every year the number of racing simulators at the show seems to grow for whatever reason. The technology is cool and I don’t mean to knock it but aren’t there other vehicles people might like to try something like this on, I dunno maybe planes, tanks, mechs, James Cameron’s submarine, garbage trucks, space ships, etc. etc. etc? Setting that crtiscism aside, I like these two in particular, one using a VR headset and the other using what I like to think of as a wide-load screen. There are more than this at the show, at least three other racing simulators by different companies, maybe more.

And last for now is an ice cream robot vending machine. Something about the robots face reminds me of Crow T. Robot, but maybe its because I would not hesitate to get an ice cream cone made by Crow T. Robot as he mocks my selection so maybe I’m just projecting here.



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