Stern Unveils AVENGERS Pinball

arcadehero November 29, 2012 2
Stern Unveils AVENGERS Pinball

Stern Pinball unveiled pictures today of their new Avengers pinball machine, which is based upon the hit film from earlier this year. I haven’t followed all of the rumors about what was being said about it, aside from the persistent one that “this will be the one with an LCD” that never comes true. They are using a new type of DMD that uses LEDs however, making it easy to do different colors such as we see with the Hulk model but its still monochromatic.From these pictures we can see that the use of some 3D modeled toys not too dissimilar from X-MEN are present, although maybe not as large. I would love to see the sales numbers of this versus the new Wizard of Oz but I have my doubts we’ll know how the two will stack up against each other until post-mortems are written about years from now. It’s too bad they didn’t have this ready to show off at IAAPA a few weeks ago but it will be showing up at a pinball loving venue near you pretty soon.

Starting off with the Pro model, hurray for metal ramps!:

I’m sure the HULK LE model will be popular the LE playfield itself having extra ramp action at least and a retail price of $8100:

And the less-specific Avengers LE model. The playfield is the same between this and the HULK, excepting the color scheme



  1. Grenpoxx29 December 10, 2012 at 3:36 pm - Reply

    Get hype!

  2. Icepagoda December 16, 2012 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    There’s a video up.

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