Weekend Newsblast: Battle of the Arcades, Fix It Felix cab, Real Life KOF

arcadehero December 8, 2012 0
Weekend Newsblast: Battle of the Arcades, Fix It Felix cab, Real Life KOF

Not much has gone on in the arcade world this past week, which is often the case in the post-IAAPA month since all the new game announcements come along at that time. But enough can accumulate to talk about, such as today.

First off, the website Aurcade.com just hit a couple of milestones in that they have 21,000 games listed on their website and 1400 current game locations. One thing they have been doing in addition to tracking locations and the games there however is picking up the high score tracking slack. Some sort of internal problems have been keeping Twin Galaxies from doing so lately and there is nothing that says that they can be the only ones to do such a thing so Aurcade is getting arcade locations in on the score tracking game. As a part of that starting today three arcades in the US are having a friendly score competition that goes from today until the 22nd of December, The Galloping Ghost Arcade and Underground Retrocade, both located in Illinois and my own arcade, the Game Grid Arcade in Utah. I just recently started to get involved with Aurcade on the score tracking side and I think that it will be a great way for arcades to bring dedicated players into their venues as they try and improve on their own scores and compete against others.

There’s been a bit of talk about this online, one of those Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade cabinets is up for sale on eBay. At this time of writing there are a little over two days left on the auction and it is at almost $3600 on the bids. The game is running on a PC with some sort of custom software setup as expected but I’m not sure how many of these cabinets are actually out there. As these will be as rare as those Space Paranoids cabinets from when TRON Legacy came out, I will not be surprised if the end bid is close to twice what it is now.

Here is the auction

now for some entertainment, particularly for fans of King Of Fighters, although that is not all. On this Youtube channel from Marti Escageda you can find various .live recreations of games such as KOF98, KOF99, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Double Dragon, Fatal Fury and  even Adventure Island. No these videos are not new for the most part although this one here is listed as being posted only a month ago.

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