The Hobbit Pinball Cabinet Unveiled

arcadehero February 7, 2013 0
The Hobbit Pinball Cabinet Unveiled

(Side art pictured above)

It wasn’t too long ago that Jersey Jack Pinball announced that they obtained the rights to create a pinball machine based upon the new Peter Jackson films based upon The Hobbit. JJP has hired Jeff Busch to do the art in the game, who has past pinball experience with titles like “Baywatch, Pinball Magic, Batman Forever, and Apollo 13.” Now we have a look at the cabinet as you can see here:


More will be unveiled as assets become available for the next two movies, so it will be a little while before we have the full art to look at, as well as the playfield. They will be teasing animations to be used on the back box soon.

Also in regards to their first pinball machine, The Wizard of Oz, they are currently on track for production units to ship out mid-March. Some units did make it out late last year but it is obvious that the official release for the game hasn’t hit yet so it should not have been included on our GOTY poll for pinball. But that should be different for this year’s poll.

[Via Jersey Jack Pinball]

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