Next From Stern Pinball: Metallica Pinball

arcadehero April 9, 2013 3
Next From Stern Pinball: Metallica Pinball

UPDATE: Shots and details on the cabinets here.

Remember way back in the year of 2009, when we ran a story about a fan-made Metallica pinball machine? No? Well here’s the post as a refresher.  Apaprently all fans had to do was wait four years to get what they wanted.

Stern released this video today confirming that their next game is going to follow in the footsteps of their other rock music based machines (recent ones were AC/DC and The Rolling Stones) with one of the biggest names in the heavy metal world (although I’m sure there are plenty of fans that would contest the “one of” part), Metallica.

I had actually heard rumors that the next machine was supposed to be based on the new Star Trek movies but that is not the case – but the 2nd part of what I had heard was that they are finally switching to a color LCD screen of some kind. There are hints at that in the video here, towards the end but it’s hard to say if those will be final or not since it appears to be using the same form factor as the DMDs but the color depth looks to be in the EGA range. Again, it’s probably too early to tell and who knows, perhaps part of the strategy will be to have different quality displays for the Pro and Limited versions as a way to set them apart. Either way its nice to see Stern finally jumping on board with something more modern as far as the displays go.  It uses a red DMD like their other recent models have. The toys on this look neat too. I imagine that this will sell well – from what I have heard, AC/DC did really well so that’s probably why Stern decided to go with another rock band game.

Also judging by Stern’s past performances, I imagine that the first units will be showing up on site by next month.


  1. chaos April 10, 2013 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    Am I one of the few minorities who would like to see another KISS pinball with sound and music clips and the latest pinball technologies? Of course I would want the original KISS group members but I’m sure that would be an ugly legal battle just to secure the rights.

    • arcadehero April 11, 2013 at 1:07 pm - Reply

      Yeah can’t say I would care for a KISS pinball myself. Sure, I’m happy as long as I don’t have to report on Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga pins. Never was a fan of KISS, although I do like Metallica. Couldn’t care less about the Rolling Stones or AC/DC either but that’s just me (for the most part I’m into 90s rock, with a few exceptions. I do own a few Queensryche CDs but I’m pretty sure that demand for a Queensryche machine is near zero)

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