Nave Arcade, the Argentinan Arcade Game

arcadehero May 28, 2013 3
Nave Arcade, the Argentinan Arcade Game

(Thanks to Adam Coate for the tip)

Arcade game development is generally found in a few particular areas of the world but with time comes expansion. We have previously covered games created in countries whose names are not the first you think of when it comes to new arcade titles being produced: Russia, Brazil, and India as some examples. Today one development comes to us from Argentina and the creation of a vertical shooter game entitled Nave Arcade (nave is ‘ship’ in Spanish although being Latin based there are meanings in a few other languages including English; I know Portuguese it is also ship but I am digressing).

Eurogamer has a lengthy article detailing the account of how two men in Buenos Aires, one a filmmaker and the other an engineer combined their talents to create something that Argentina is not known for – a video arcade game. Their names are Hernan Saez and Maximo Balestrini. From the sounds of it, setting out to create an arcade game, wasn’t their primary goal, just their end result. I’ll refrain from extensive quoting and you can read the full interview here. Also, here’s a great trailer showcasing the game which at present time only exists as this single cabinet. The creators are taking it tour around Argentina, although there is no indication that this will be mass produced anytime soon.

It’s an interesting concept, where powering up increases the size of the ship and a good part of the challenge is maintaining ship integrity while it fills the screen. While it’s only in black and white, it looks smooth and also like a lot of fun. A limited kit release would probably sell out quickly but we’ll have to wait and see whether they will take the concept anywhere else.


  1. 60Hz May 28, 2013 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    looks awesome!

  2. Toby N May 29, 2013 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    Good to have coverage from other countries! I enjoyed that. The most wierd coincidence for me is the Eurogamer article mentions a game called Numan Athletics. I used to play this all the time on Brighton Pier 20 years ago. I tried so hard to remember the name (Human Athletes/Athletics), no idea it was “Numan”. I’ve since found the game and it’s amazing to track something down after all this time. So on that note, a personal thank you!

  3. arcadefever May 29, 2013 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    Pretty sure this is a flash developed game. But since the cabinet artwork + design is so fundamental to the whole experience, I doubt they will release just the game.

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