Check Out The Final Batman Arcade Cabinet

arcadehero October 11, 2013 0

A short time ago we showed you an exclusive shot of the upcoming Batman Arcade cabinet, which is being made by Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills. In case you didn’t see it then, here it is again:


It had been pointed out that it was not a final cabinet. Well today thanks to a tip, here is the cabinet you can expect to see at arcades at the end of the year. The only difference I can see is the steering wheel, which is a much better fit than the typical arcade wheels like were used in the prototype above. They also don’t have the red light in the back seat in this one, so that could or could not be included.

There is a display on the right side of the panel but not sure if it is an actual second screen or just back lit art. The former would be pretty cool, albeit increase the price of the game a little.

(Click to engorge)


Batman will be at the Raw Thrills/Betson booth at IAAPA 2013 in Orlando next month.



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