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arcadehero October 15, 2013 0

(Thanks to Steve Lamoureaux at Betson for the image)

We have some new details on the upcoming arcade release of Batman, by Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive. Arcade flyers have been around since the beginning of our industry, they have been one of the main promotional tools used by distribution channels to convince operators and owners to buy the game. Today one distributor, Betson, has the flyers to begin promoting the new Batman game that we’ve been covering on AH for some time now. Thanks to that flyer we have some new details on the game that have eluded us so far. Here it is (click to engorge):


Some thoughts:

-Originally when I heard every Batmobile ever I thought it would much larger due to the vast history of the car over the decades but it may mean limited to media like the movies and TV and not the comic books (the latter would get pretty crazy and have too many options for an arcade game, not to mention a lot of cars that would probably not get played).

-Many more missions are available than implied by that early rough footage, giving this some extra replay value (much more so than a driving game that was tailored more for single player – such as Chase HQ2’s relatively meager 5 missions)

-Also based on that video, one of those battles is likely with a Mr. Freeze robot, however with that being early, who knows if it was kept or dramatically changed.

-Still up in the air how linking two units will change the play dynamics (whether the missions are all co-op or something else)

Never fear however as we will know more soon enough. At the beginning of November stay tuned to AH for an exclusive interview with Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive for many new details on the game, which will also include some new media. On top of that, Mr. Lamoureaux who kindly sent in this flyer also mentioned that the game will begin shipping less than a month from now, right before IAAPA in the middle of November. That could mean that while the industry checks the game out at the booth that some of you out there will also get a chance to play it at a local venue.

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