Watch The Big Buck World Championship 2013 Live

arcadehero November 8, 2013 0
Watch The Big Buck World Championship 2013 Live

The qualifiers are over, the top players ready and the checks waiting for a winner  to claim them in Chicago today as the Big Buck World Championship 2013 competition gets underway. This annual event has been taking place for a few years now and with time has come growth. This year over $64,000 in prizes are up for grabs, with the World Champion looking at a $15,000 reward for their efforts. You can see the amounts here, the prize values making this the biggest arcade tournament in the world.

Generally we have had to wait to see pictures and videos from the event but this year they are going to be streaming from the event live, which at the time of this writing starts a few hours from now. To watch the stream, just head over to

Also on a Big Buck note, sometime between now and Monday the Duck Dynasty update is supposed to roll out to remaining connected Big Buck HD units. They have been testing the software on 200 units since last month. From what I have been hearing, this will include more changes to the game than just adding the DD license and game modes but apparently the UI is supposed to get some improvements as well. As I have a BBHD machine at my arcade, I will share what the changes are once they come in.

UPDATE: I decided to go into the operator menu on my game and select “Software Update”. Lo and behold, it began downloading something massive as its been going for about 10 min. already. This is definitely the update so if any operators out there happen to have a Big Buck HD machine, give your update a try. This is one beauty of having online-enabled machines, no need to wait for a disc/thumbdrive update to ship out. Speaking of that, it would be nice to see something like ReRave get some song updates, as I only saw it add those when I first got the machine.


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