Reviewing Big Buck HD Duck Dynasty Edition

arcadehero November 15, 2013 0

Back in September we received word that the Big Buck HD coin-op arcade game would be getting a major content update. The free update was to feature a new mode based upon the #1 cable TV show, Duck Dynasty. After the beta testing period went along in October, the update rolled out to online enabled machines across the world on November 11th. As I have a Big Buck HD unit in my arcade, I made sure to check it out and what came was a little more than I expected. It came in two chunks – a large update last Friday was a surprise as it added what is called “Big Buck Arcade” mode. I’m quite excited about this addition alone since I’ve had to frequently help someone stuck in the menus (I should say that the standard BBHD experience is not hard to navigate you but you do have to slow down a pace and read what’s on the screen on your first time through).

I have put together this video to go over the updates and offer up a review of sorts on the new modes. This is also the biggest update I have ever seen rolled out to an arcade machine via the internet. For the few other internet-enabled arcade machines I’ve owned, updates have been small or you still had to use a disc (that being the case on Terminator Salvation, even though that has online stuff with leaderboards). Granted I do not own a Golden Tee LIVE machine so perhaps that is the winner in the arcade space over content updates; either way online connectivity really needs to be more common in 2013 going into 2014. Updating via discs or thumb drives needs to go away already.

The only thing I am not sure about is whether the home editions of Big Buck HD (there are offline versions available) will get the update at some point. So far all indications are that it is limited to online-only as a way to help drive people out to the bar or arcade in the same way Golden Tee does not give all of their online features to their home models.

Speaking of Big Buck HD, here is a picture album from the 2013 World Championships. Trevor Garter was the champion this time around, walking away with a nice $15,000 check. Plenty of others walked away with some great cash prizes, making this the largest arcade competition this year (not sure about all time but probably pretty close if it isn’t)


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