Pop Bumpers Pinball To Open In Weymouth, MA In February

arcadehero January 29, 2014 0

More news on the pinball front, this time about a location. We have covered pinball-centric location openings before and while we don’t hear about those as often as an FEC or video arcade opening their doors.


Called Pop Bumpers Pinball, they are aiming to open their doors in North Weymouth, MA on Feb. 15th. I haven’t seen a full games list but it looks that their focus is to be a classic pinball venue. At the very least they will have Mata Hari, Star Trek, Eight Ball, and Target Pool. I am sure they will have a much larger selection than that but either way expect it to be classics and not newer Stern or Jersey Jack stuff. Typical of other classic arcade locations, one entry fee covers the play so no need to bring quarters for the games. [Via Pinball Soul]

Also in location news, I had been informed of this but forgot to mention it in previous posts.  The Namco Funscape XS Superbowl has closed in Newcastle, UK. This release mentions that the landlord is moving in a new gym facility and that customers can go to an alternative Funscape site. There is another location that might be shutting down although it’s best to wait and see; if it does the games will have a home at the Las Vegas Arcade which has been beefing up their music game selection as well as tournament circuit. I think we see more and more that you have to keep customers engaged to keep them coming in since entertainment options are rarely lacking out there.

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