Random News: 3D Printer Hacked For 1 Player Air Hockey & Gundog Turns Into Silent Scope: Bone Eater

arcadehero February 11, 2014 0
Random News: 3D Printer Hacked For 1 Player Air Hockey & Gundog Turns Into Silent Scope: Bone Eater

Two items that are pretty much unrelated here. First, the robot air hockey. Long ago when Arcade Heroes was still new, I posted about a robot system that allowed for some single player air hockey. The post is here but the video has been removed unfortunately. Jump forward six years later and here is someone who has hacked a 3D printer to play air hockey in defensive and offensive modes. It’s a neat idea, although I don’t imagine that the concept would work out that well in the commercial arcade space. Thanks to Arcade Sales Rentals on Facebook for the tip.

On the other side of the arcade galaxy, recall that around Christmas time 2013 word came out of Japan that Konami was testing out a new sniper game called Gundog, which apparently used a transparent LCD screen among other features. It seemed like a new follow-up to Silent Scope, sans the name. Well someone at Konami must have decided why bother to miss out on the connection and the game has been officially renamed to Silent Scope: Bone Eater. Small Room Aries has a short rundown of the changes found in the game since it was tested as Gundog, which include the inclusion of 3 game modes and a score attack mode. It also appears that the game will support networking for up to 4 players. Strangely, this game is not found on Konami’s website promoting the games they are taking to JAEPO 2014. It doesn’t mean it won’t be there but seems like it would be a good idea to promote it. Hopefully it is there so we can get a better look at how this game will work as this location test poster below is the only view of the cabinet we have so far. From the looks of it, it will be Silent Scope in The Future and maybe, just maybe this will eventually find its way overseas.


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