Bandai Namco Suggests Celebrating Mario Day With Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

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Bandai Namco Suggests Celebrating Mario Day With Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

I remember as a kid that different video game companies had rivalries – particularly Sega and Nintendo between Sonic and Mario. Times have changed and with crossovers between company characters becoming more frequent (Sonic’s home is practically on the Nintendo 3DS and WiiU consoles right now), memories of those rivalries fade away. Of course Namco and Nintendo have had a cozy relationship for a while, particularly in the arcade sector after the release of Mario Kart Arcade GP back in 2005.  I don’t recall there being much friction, if any, between mascots like Pac-Man and Mario, in part because Namco didn’t have a game console around to inflame sensitive fanboy passions.

Today is March 10th, which depending on how you write the date can look like “Mar10” and so now it is called Mario Day. I’m not sure when that happened but either way, Bandai Namco America has sent out a press release suggesting that you celebrate Mario Day in connection with their new and exclusive Mario Kart Arcade GP DX arcade game. As we reported last month, the 3rd entry into this arcade exclusive series is currently available at Dave & Busters locations across the USA. They have a timed exclusive on the game, which will be available for everyone else to get their hands on in about a month. The game will also be at the upcoming Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, NV, as confirmed by this PR document so that confirms two games we know for certain that will be there (the other being NEON FM).

Also on a tangent, being Mario Day that means you can keep an eye out for other arcade games Mario has starred in over the years – including Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. (1,2,3 and World could all be found in the arcade at one point), Mario’s Open Golf or Dr. Mario. There might be a few others where he made a cameo appearance but these are the the obvious ones.

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March 10, 2014



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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL – Happy Mario Day! March 10th is widely known as Mario Day due to the fact that the way the day is spelled, Mar 10, resembles the name of the popular Nintendo character. What better way to celebrate Mario Day with your friends than to throw red or green turtle shells at them in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Visitor’s attending Amusement Expo 2014 in Las Vegas can play the game in NAMCO’s booth located at booth # 127. NAMCO America reports that Mario Kart Arcade GP DX will be shipping out to customers by mid April.

About Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

Brand new and better than Mario Kart Arcade GP2! The next game in the extremely popular racing series is here with new courses, new game modes, new karts, new features and a rainbow LED lit cabinet featuring a 42″ HD monitor. The popular NAM-CAM feature that places the player’s face over the kart has been updated with “Funny Face Frames” where players can stretch, squeeze, and transform their faces into many different appearances.


Linkable up to four cabinets, the game has three game modes: Grand Prix, Versus, and Co-Op. In Grand Prix mode, players can compete through 40 rounds over five selectable cups. Versus mode offers competitive racing excitement for all players. The new 2-Person Co-Op mode features “Fusion Karts.” One person drives while the other “shoots” other competitors.

With over 20 types of karts that can specifically trigger over 90 types of items, the racing possibilities of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX are endless and players will be coming back to play again and again.

About NAMCO America, Inc.

NAMCO America, Inc. (NAI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc. NAI uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their coin-operated video games far beyond traditional entertainment. NAI is the premier manufacturer of coin-operated arcade games & attractions ranging from the hottest video games like Dark Escape 4D, Deadstorm Pirates, and Pac-Man Battle Royale to popular redemption games like BarBerCut Lite, Pac-Man Chomp Mania and Drop The Hook. Re-live the glory days of the arcade with Pac-Man’s Arcade Party: a collection of the greatest classic games from NAMCO. For the greatest arcade gaming fun, NAMCO America is your answer!


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    Spotted a typo. Darn it.

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    Celebrate Mario Day at $2.50 per play!

    Sounds about right. 🙂

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