Videos: New Trailers For Silent Scope Bone Eater and Hobbit Pinball; Man Discovers New Arcade Games

arcadehero April 2, 2014 0

Here are some videos to fill up the arcade news for the day. These are not the Amusement Expo videos, I still have a few more of those to finish up.  I also have another game unboxing coming up, hopefully by tomorrow but there have been some technical issues getting in the way of that.

Konami has a trailer up for Silent Scope Bone Eater. This has been mentioned on AH a few times since it was first tested under the name Gundog. While at the moment this seems to be Japan-only, I’ve been hearing chatter that there is a strong desire on the part of some locations in the US to see this game make its way over to the US. It makes sense as Silent Scope has a recognizable name and the originals still can earn on location. So having a new one could be a strong player. Not to mention there is enough arcade-exclusive hardware crammed into it that even if there was a console port it would not be close to the same experience. Although they will need a name change here, probably Silent Scope: Gundog.

It looks like we are inching closer to seeing a more complete build of The Hobbit pinball by Jersey Jack Pinball. Today they released this video showing some of the art that the HD screen will display.


In the headline I was thinking of putting Max instead of man but either way, this is a neat video that captures a good description of what it was like to come across new arcade machines at your local arcade growing up in the 80s or 90s. Here “Maximilian Dood”, who has 180,000+ subscribers on Youtube makes a visit to an arcade on the Santa Monica Pier and he has an experience that he has been missing for quite a long time as he discovers Batman and Dark Escape 4D. Just a note Max, there are a lot more new games on the market than those two so keep your eyes peeled 😉 Content warning for some language.

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