Stern Unveils Final Mustang Pinball Limited Edition Model

arcadehero April 17, 2014 0

We all know that the latest game to come out of the Stern Pinball factory is Mustang Pinball and with this round of marketing for the game they showed off elements of the Pro and Premium models while keeping the more collector-centric Limited Edition model under wraps with “Top Secret” artwork. Here is that image:


Today, Stern Pinball swept away that secret by unveiling the final art for the LE model of the game. They also attended a special 50th Anniversary Mustang event at the Empire State Building in NYC. Here it is:


The big question that is always asked when these units are shown is “what makes them worth the extra cash?”, which on an MSRP level is $1000 higher than the Premium model. According to the press release that accompanies the photo: “Stern’s design team created an innovative art package that features genuine Ford Kona Blue cabinet trim identical to the color of the “50 Years” GT. In addition, the cabinet art is rendered on a unique satin glow brushed aluminum finish to accentuate the dazzling new car! This innovative new cabinet art process was developed by Stern to give the car a three dimensional look and feel. The game also features genuine Mustang engine sounds and a Sony Music soundtrack of eight generational cruising tunes which put the player in the driver’s seat of a Mustang for driving adventures and exhilarating racing.” I imagine soon we will have a chart showing the differences between each model and of course this unit will be limited in production numbers compared to the other models.

[Stern Pinball Website]

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