New Location News: Game Show Pinball Arcade In Joliet, IL; The One Up in Sherman Oaks, CA

arcadehero June 5, 2014 2

Summer is sometimes know as a slow period in the industry but I really think it depends on the location. For me it is not and it seems like it is the time that we get more new location news. Today we have two stories about new locations to share.

First from the arcade lands of Illinois, a new arcade by the name of Game Show Pinball Arcade will soon be opening their doors in Joliet, IL. I’m not sure if they are basing this on The Bally Game Show Pinball machine from 1990 but it seems like a safe assumption. The news comes out of a city council meeting there, where the owner was able to get a timed waiver on city regulations that applies fees to such games. Such regulations are still on the books in many cities across the country, when you are starting up that is one of the essential things to check into before you get too far along. Game Show Pinball Arcade will focus on the classics, heavy on pinball with 20-25 games, light on video arcades with about 5 of those and a few other mechanical games. Which exact games are unknown at this point. It does not mention when the location will open as they still have to go through several inspections at the location (and that can go either way on how long it might take) but I imagine it will be before the Summer is done.  Info via

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Next up is a location also opening soon but in Sherman Oaks, CA. Following the bar arcade/barcade format, The One Up will have 400 square feet of space dedicated to some arcade gaming. I assume it will be classic titles filling up their roster but it also is unknown when exactly they will open and with what games. This is not the same company as The 1UP which is found in Denver, CO and at the moment I can’t find anything else about what they plan on offering aside from this brief snippet @


  1. Azrial June 5, 2014 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    Back when I was a child, the Sherman Oaks Galleria Mall had a Namco owned Time Out arcade. The very one with the Darius machine. This location is a personal piece of history for me.

  2. Ashley December 2, 2014 at 3:45 am - Reply

    Are you guys 18 and up if not I thinki you guys should be because there is such a vast amount of 18,19,and 20 year olds who are really into that scene but don’t hve many places they can go and its actualy a lot easier to keep the drinking controlled and I feel as a 20 year old it will defiantly boost business and be great because it will give them a place to seperate from the lame 16 and up joints because people like me who are stuck at that awkward 20 year age have no place to go and all my friends drink underage but wouldn’t risk it if it meant having a place like this

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