Out-Of-Home Frontier Book Available Now

arcadehero June 8, 2014 1

I had this ready to publish yesterday but was sidetracked by some work; today is the 6th anniversary of my video arcade business as well, showing that the concept can in certain instances work without a hint of ticket redemption. 😉

This week is E3 week so I’m not sure how much news we will see in our sector but please stay tuned – I do have a special video that I hope to roll out by Friday at the latest which should be of interest to everyone. I also have something related to the World Cup almost ready for the wire.

A new book that covers not just the arcade scene but the broader “Out-Of-oohiefHome Entertainment” scene is available now. Called The Out-Of-Home
Immersive Entertainment Frontier
, it may not have the snazziest of titles but the information inside should be of peak interest to anyone involved in the industry, from developers to players.  One of the authors, Kevin Williams is a name that should be familiar to regular readers of this site; he and his co-author Michael Mascioni interviewed over 70 industry professionals to give us a look at the future of what might be for out-of-home entertainment. Find out more here.



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    3rd one is get bass?

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