Jersey Jack Pinball Unveils Playfield Art For The Hobbit Pinball

arcadehero June 12, 2014 0

With E3 week we usually don’t get a lot of arcade news but Jersey Jack Pinball has something for us – a look at the artwork which will grace the playfield on their upcoming The Hobbit Pinball game. This finally gives us a proper idea of how the game will play, check it out:




The Spider, Warg, Goblin and Orc targets are a specialized type of drop/pop-up target which was used in games like Medieval Madness; there are five other drop targets found south of the Smaug mechanism which they have mentioned will be an animatronic toy of some kind. JJP says the game is still on track to be released just in time for the December 2014 release of the 3rd and final Hobbit film.


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