Museum of Pinball Prepping For The Inaugural Arcade Expo Coming January 2015

arcadehero July 9, 2014 0

(Thanks to Kent Fund for the tip)

Remember the Museum of Pinball? If not, here is a refresher. Unfortunately like some other Kickstarter projects to launch or improve arcade venues, the goals were not met so the funding was not provided through that source. That does not mean that the ambition for the projects goes away, just that the developers have to find capital via some other means. In the case of the Museum of Pinball, they are looking to increase funding and exposure by going the route of a huge expo, which they are calling Arcade Expo, with the first event to be held in January 2015. Billing it as “Southern California’s largest arcade exposition”, the expo will be held at the Museum of Pinball’s facilities in Banning, CA, which they are renovating to house 750+ pinball and video arcade machines. In addition to the games, they also will have movie nights with a focus on arcades such as Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time, The King of Arcades and The Video Craze.



They already have a schedule of events and several workshops setup, which I am sure will increase as they approach the expo opening date. They will have a booth at California Extreme this week as well. Either way, it looks like they have been gaining some great local support so far so hopefully that keeps up and they can launch what they envision sometime next year.

[Arcade Expo Website] [Arcade Expo Facebook Page]

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