GlobalVR’s Dedicated Cabinet For Redline Rampage

arcadehero August 14, 2014 2

Earlier this year, manufacturer GlobalVR launched their newest arcade game by the name of Redline Rampage Gas Guzzlers although they only released it as an upgrade kit for a variety of existing driver cabinets (particularly existing GVR driving cabinets from Need For Speed to NASCAR and Twisted). The dedicated model has been brewing during this time but judging by the GlobalVR website, it is ready to ship now. Here is an animated GIF showing the lighting in action:


As it says at the bottom here, the cabinet design could still change. I’m wondering if that might be the seat or the control panel. The marquee lighting looks good – as long as you don’t choose to deactivate the guns in the game, which operators can do. I have not had a chance to play this yet so I cannot comment on the gameplay part of it, if any of you out there have please chime in and let us know. In the meantime, here is the one of two trailers the company has released for the game:

UPDATE: GlobalVR issued a press release today to cover the launch of the dedicated version of the game. While most information is something we have already read, they do mention at the very end of the release they state that “Universal Kits”(kits that could go into a wide variety of arcade racing cabinets) will be available soon. Raw Thrills had a kit like that for Super Cars, something I picked up and I have been very happy with it. There aren’t many new kits on the market right now so I think this is a good move on their part since that will open the door for kits to go into a larger variety of “dead wood” cabinets.

Here is the PR:




Making its debut in April, 2014 as a conversion kit, this exciting “Combat-Driving” game turned older, low-earning games into exciting, new, high-earning attractions.  Now this highly anticipated title is available as a dedicated game with all of the allure, attraction, and earning power you would expect from a hit video arcade game.

This unique piece appeals to players of all ages and experience.  Operators can choose to turn the combat feature on or off making it appropriate for all locations. The beautifully designed marquee will attract players from throughout the location with its stylized design and special-effects lighting.  

“It’s been years since we’ve seen our customers react so positively to a new video game,” says an FEC location manager.  “When we hear hooting and hollering in the store we know exactly what people are playing … Redline Rampage!”  He went on to share, “Earnings for this game have exceeded our wildest expectations and the excitement it generates is infectious throughout the location.”

Please take a moment to visit our website where you will find detailed information, videos, and other imagery that will help you understand that this is not just an ordinary driving game; this is an exceptional earning machine!

Contact your local distributor to place your order or for more information.




  1. AE35 August 21, 2014 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Nice looking machine, and the game looks great too! Have you played it?

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