Stern Now Shipping The Walking Dead Pinball Worldwide

arcadehero September 17, 2014 0

As usual, that didn’t take long. Typically in this industry we find out about games pretty close to the time they are shipping and rarely do manufacturers announce street dates for their games. Such was the case with the recently announced The Walking Dead Pinball game by Stern Pinball. There wasn’t a  release date mentioned but we knew it would be along at just about any time.

Today on Stern’s Facebook page they shared this image showing units ready to ship to various locations around the world including Hong Kong, France and Belgium. I would say this is our confirmation that the game is available now although it will probably take a few weeks for warehouse stockers to get the units in.



Speaking of Stern Pinball, it has been quiet on AH for the past few days as most of my little free time has been spent on putting together a review for Star Trek Premium pinball. I have finished the editing process so I should have it up on the AH Youtube channel later today, probably in the evening.

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