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arcadehero October 10, 2014 4

Back in July a surprise popped up in my newsfeed – manufacturer Universal Space(UNIS) released a video trailer of an off-rails mech/vehicular action combat game they were calling Armed Resistance. In case you don’t recall that trailer, here it is again:

Today I have more information to share about the game which has been on test at undisclosed locations out in the wild.

First, some new shots of the inside of the game cabinet. From an external glance, this is a partially enclosed cabinet – not exactly theater style since it is completely open on the sides. They use quite a bit of targeted LED lighting and with the lines etched into the plexiglass, I’m getting a TRON vibe from the look. The control scheme as discussed previously is pretty straight-forward – the joystick aims and fires, the throttle controls forward/reverse movement. It also has the button for transforming your character. The main objective of the game is simple – destroy enemies and occupy “Attack Towers” for points. The game supports linked cabinet play for co-op and data cards so players can save their progress. The game has achievements which will be a part of that save data.




Here are some “bullshots” which are screenshots but taken from within the game engine in a way different than what the player may see on the screen (no HUD and such). But they still give us an idea of some of the effects – it looks like they are using some good textures, motion blur effects and and a few other lighting effects. I’m not sure of the resolution that this is running at yet, that was not provided but the trailer above was done in 720p so I would assume that it is at least that much, possibly higher. UNIS clarified this for me – it is on a 47″ screen running at 1080p.

Armed Resistance SS05 (Custom)

Armed Resistance SS03 (Custom)

Armed Resistance SS04 (Custom)

Armed Resistance SS02 (Custom)


As the UNIS marketing materials mention, there are six characters/vehicles to choose from, I was given these shots of 5 of them(missing the truck). Judging by all of info we have so far, you can change between these and your robot person character at any time:







And finally the new brochure for the game which sports a new logo along with a little background on the story (click to explode the size to full rez):



UNIS has not commented on what they are bringing to IAAPA yet but there is a possibility this will be there given these additional materials. If so, I will have more data about it then including some hands-on impressions. What are your thoughts about this title?



  1. matrixmatt October 10, 2014 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    how many cabs can be linked

    • arcadehero October 10, 2014 at 2:06 pm - Reply

      Not sure yet, “subject to change”. At least four is what they are aiming for.

  2. chaos October 10, 2014 at 6:49 pm - Reply

    This actually looks like a lot fun based on the video alone. I’ll even go as far as saying this is what Transformers should have been instead of a straight rail shooting light gun game. I know UNIS made a few video games in the past but they are mostly known for redemption games. I’ve only seen their games at Chuck E Cheese due to the fact that their games are geared more towards kids. I’m hoping we will see more video games released from them in the future and more FECs supporting their games.

    • arcadehero October 11, 2014 at 9:55 am - Reply

      Yeah they did a deal with CEC some time ago that really got their name out there. They also manufactured some or all of the BATMAN cabinets for Raw Thrills. I also think they may have something going on with Aliens Armageddon manufacturing too. I haven’t seen any of their other videos out in the wild though – Crazy Speed, After Dark and so on. I’m glad they are ‘taking the risk’ with this concept though, if the game is fun and plays well then here’s hoping it does well on the market to help break up a little of the standard genre monotony.

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