Nanuet Arcade To Open In Nanuet, NY on Nov. 15th

arcadehero October 30, 2014 2

A new video arcade is going to open their doors in Nanuet, NY (which is located a short ways North of New York City & Yonkers) on November 15th by the name of Nanuet Arcade and if you are looking for some pure video arcade fun in that area, then it is looking like the place for you.

At the moment a full games list has not been published but from what they have posted online they will have: ReRave Plus, Neon FM, Pop N’ Music, Beatmania IIDX, In The Groove 2, Initial D7, a Konami RoadFighters 3D, DDR SuperNova, Time Crisis 4, House of the Dead 4 Super Deluxe, Silent Scope, Ms. Pac-Man, Mario Bros., and surprisingly a couple of Chinese made cabinets featuring 3D Street Fighter IV and Virtual Fighter 5. From the pictures it looks like they will have more than that but overall, they are bringing a traditional video arcade to life for Nanuet.





Check out their main website here and their Facebook page here. And if you live in the area, drop by after they open and give them some support!


  1. jonathan hooper uk arcades February 19, 2015 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    some nice unique deluxe custom cabinets there nice touch?XD

  2. rafi indonesian arcades February 18, 2016 at 6:36 am - Reply

    On the first image, I did saw the Maximum Tune 4 next to Initial D7 or is it? Maybe in Nanuet… I play now at Camelot Golfland

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