Japan Fighter News: New KOF in the Works; Nitro+ Blasters Heroine Infinite Duel On Test

arcadehero December 26, 2014 0

Given the time of year that it is, we don’t get a ton of new arcade news to discuss but in places like Japan they do like to cook up some new things around this time. A year ago it was the new Silent Scope and this year it is all about the fighting games.

First, SNK Playmore is looking to hire people to design the next installment of The King of Fighters. This used to be a lot like Japan’s Golden Tee – you could expect a new KOF release at least once a year but in recent times where SNK has been trying to figure out if the mobile space can work out for them, they have given the series a rest. The last times we saw it in the arcade was with KOF XIII Climax and KOF Sky Fighters, which was a vertical shooter. If they are looking for people on it now I imagine we will see loctests in Japan for the new one maybe late next year but it probably won’t be 2016 until it is ready for prime time.


Also in arcade fighter news, Examu and Nitro+ are currently testing out a new title in Japan by the name of Nitro+ Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel. This looks a lot like the Arcana Heart series or the other all-anime girl fighter Koihime Musou. Given that this will be a NESiCAxLiVE release, its doubtful we will see a PCB board for it could happen if Examu saw the desire for it.

It isn’t much for arcade fighting fans out West although I’m sure these will show up on your home console not long after their arcade release. Along those lines, Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins was pulled from PSN earlier this week and it will no longer be available on XBLA after Dec. 31st. (Thanks to Edward Castillo for the tip on that)

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