Direct Screenshots From Sega Amusement’s Showdown

arcadehero January 16, 2015 1
Direct Screenshots From Sega Amusement’s Showdown

I am working on the EAG 2015 Expo Wrap-up but where I am waiting on some additional media before posting that I figured I may as well get to another story.  I reached out to Sega Amusements and was able to obtain these direct screenshots from their new Showdown racing game. The standard 42″ version of the game is available starting the last week of January; The Special Deluxe version (the set of 4 with the motion seats) will be available in February. One thing I did notice from the shots is that they are all in 1920×1080, so it is nice that they are on top of that along with 60FPS from what I witnessed at IAAPA. Overall it is a top-of-the-line looking game no matter which version of the cabinet you find and the demolition derby style play is a blast, especially with some friends.

Click on any image below to explodinate it into full view

Showdown HUD Screenshots_13

Showdown HUD Screenshots_15

Showdown HUD Screenshots_30

Showdown HUD Screenshots_45Showdown HUD Screenshots_48 Showdown HUD Screenshots_52

Showdown HUD Screenshots_64

Showdown HUD Screenshots_69

Showdown HUD Screenshots_76

Showdown HUD Screenshots_86

Showdown HUD Screenshots_100


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  1. blakehess11 January 17, 2015 at 11:56 am - Reply

    The game looks excellent; always really glad to see these manufacturers trying their best to stay at least somewhat on par with home console graphics.

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