Sega Japan To Show Off Luigi Mansion Arcade at JAEPO 2015

arcadehero January 29, 2015 2
Sega Japan To Show Off Luigi Mansion Arcade at JAEPO 2015

I had thought about including this into last night’s JAEPO post but it is worth it alone. Since Capcom teased us with Luigi Mansion Arcade last year, we have only seen pictures of the cabinet from the outside. The game has begun more testing phases in Japan and now thanks to the marketing going towards JAEPO, we have a little more information on the game itself.


We all know it is based upon Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Nintendo 3DS but one of the unique aspects it will have are what they are calling ‘Obacurm‘ vacuum controllers. These are designed to produce a vacuum cleaner like feel as you suck up ghosts and coins. While I don’t have pictures of the controllers yet, here are some screenshots from the game, which users will see on a 55″ display:



The other surprising development was unveiled in the headline here. At the JAEPO Expo, Capcom is teaming up with Sega to show this game at the Sega Japan booth. Now all this could mean is that it is more convenient and cheaper for Capcom to tag along with Sega as opposed to renting out a booth for themselves but it is still interesting. If Sega has a larger involvement here then that could indicate a chance that it will be given official release elsewhere in the world.  I reached out to Sega for comment but there is none to share yet. I will be sure to update in case I find out more.


  1. arcades4ever January 29, 2015 at 3:00 pm - Reply

    That would be great if sega picks this game up for the western market. It may possibly happen since its a mario game and these sorts of gun booth games are very popular in the west and this would be no exception. like I said before if this were being made by Namco it would be deffinatly coming here but since it’s on the sega stand there maybe hope yet 😀

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