New Location Openings: Dave & Busters Updates; Coin-Op Gameroom In Sacramento,CA

arcadehero April 8, 2015 1

As we approach the summertime we should start seeing more arcade venues open their doors. As always I will try and stay on top of all of them that I can. For today’s news, most of the locations are all aiming to open in May.

Dave & Busters – First off, the popular and growing chain, Dave & Busters. They are developing “…seven to eight new stores and relocate one existing store” with “five stores under construction”. For four of those locations, they are opening which plan on opening through may, which I will link to here:

April 27th – Pelham Manor, NY location to open

May 3rd – Euless, TX location to open

May 18th – Kentwood, MI location to open (thanks to a commentor’s tip on this one)

May 27th – Woburn, MA location to open

Among other locations in development you have cities like Glendale, AZ expecting them to open later this year.

Coin-Op Gameroom (thanks to Bryan for the tip) – For an arcade venue that is not a part of a corporate chain(although it will be the 2nd location for the company), a new bar/arcade concept is aiming to open their doors in Sacramento, CA in May.  The venue will feature “…more than 40 classic arcade games… including selections such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.” I imagine the selection will be similar to the San Diego location, which is heavy on the classic content but it looks like they are not averse to providing some new offerings, like Golden Tee 2013 or some of the newer pinball machines. [Coin-Op Game Room website / Facebook page ]


The San Diego, CA location for Coin-Op Game Room


Either way we wish good business to all of these venues and if you are in the area, drop by and give them some support!

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  1. darktetsuya April 8, 2015 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    I live in the area where that Coin-Op barcade is gonna be opening up, I’ve been super stoked about the news since I heard! Most of the arcade here are only fairly decent, with the usual mish-mash of games in poor shape and ticket spitters.

    But having a classic arcade with some good food and drinks would definitely be a welcome addition to the area.

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