Enjoy 30 Minutes of AOU/AM Show Footage from 1991 & ’92

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Enjoy 30 Minutes of AOU/AM Show Footage from 1991 & ’92

These days we all expect to see footage of arcade games from trade shows or venues since cameras are found everywhere. But that wasn’t the case from the earlier days of arcade gaming when footage would have only been gathered by a news organization and then broadcast once, perhaps. Fortunately thanks to interest in preserving that history those broadcasts or footage can reappear on video sharing sites every once in a while.

This video below is from some Japanese trade shows in 1991 and ’92, while home users were arguing over how accurately their Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo would be reproducing some of the latest arcade titles on the market. It is a fascinating glimpse into the past of arcade gaming where you will see games like Cotton, Rad Mobile, Street Fighter II, Steel Gunner, Ring Rage, Dark Seal II, Dogyun, Rastan III, Cosmo Gang, Whoopee!!, Suzuka 8 Hours w/ 8 units, Final Lap w/ 8 networked units, Bubble Trouble 2, Saboten Bombers, Sonic Wings, Last Resort, Air Rescue, a rare Galactic Storm dedicated non-motion sit down unit and much more including motion simulators from companies like Namco and Taito that you rarely find out West and various other rarities. I didn’t know that Taito was attempting to distribute pinball in Japan at the time so that was one thing I learned here 😛

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  1. kevin May 4, 2015 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    oh the memories!

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    Fantastic, thank you!

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