UNIS Unveils Their 8-player Shooting Ride: Galactic Force

arcadehero June 26, 2015 2
UNIS Unveils Their 8-player Shooting Ride: Galactic Force

Multiplayer interactive motion theaters (sometimes called 5D, 7D or “shooting rides”) have increased in popularity in recent years and we have covered a few of them that have come along. These first came to the scene with titles like Galaxian 3 in the 1990s. When a motion theater is interactive, it has always used a gun setup and is essentially an 8+ player arcade gun game, with other added effects to create a unique ride experience.

Universal Space is now jumping into the fray with these kinds of setups with their first title called Galactic Force. The hardware setup features a motion base that seats 8 players in a sort of roller coaster configuration, a row of 4 players for each Each seat has a back-lit dual handed gun mechanism (which looks very similar to what Sega used with Dream Raiders). Instead of going with a stereoscopic 3D screen they have opted for a large curved projection display and some wind effects are provided by fans at the base. The software features a surprisingly long ride (most games for these kinds of games are about 3 min, this is twice that and has a To Be continued… at the end), in a sci fi world that blends elements of AVATAR with dragon warfare.

Here is an in-action video:

UNIS has much more hitting their media channels so I will wait and see how those work out for reporting on all of the events surrounding the company lately…what are your thoughts on this?

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