Two New Arcades: The Great American Arcade In Niagara Falls, NY; Play Port in Erie, PA

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I’m always excited to find out about new arcade locations opening up their doors out there and today we have two to look at, thanks to Sara Zielinski for the tips!

The Great American Arcade, Niagara Falls, NY – Earlier this year we ran a story on a new arcade location that had opened up in the Niagara Falls area that was a large addition to a TGI Friday’s restaurant. Now close by in the same town, another arcade has opened their doors that is attached to the Holiday Inn there, The Great American Arcade. The two locations are within walking distance of each other.


For the new place, The Great American Arcade, the focus for their games here is mainly on new redemption pieces but they do have a few video game titles to enjoy: Jurassic Park Arcade; Aliens Armageddon; Big Buck Wild; Golden Tee 2015 Live; Pac-Man’s Arcade Party; Super Alpine Racer (just one) and a  pair of Winter X Games Snocross cabinets. For the full album where you can also catch their redemption line-up, click here.

ggaarcade2 gaarcade3


Play Port Open In Erie, PA – While The Great American Arcade just opened up this Summer (not Spring as that sign had shown), this one appears to have opened earlier in the year. In addition to attractions like Mini Golf, Play Port’s arcade area features a good sized video arcade, some pinball as well as a redemption game mix. They are operating on an admission w/ games on free play model, excepting the redemption, which they charge for. For the video games they currently are operating: Air Trix; 2x Arctic Thunder; ATV Track; Centipede; Crazy Taxi; Crisis Zone; 2x Daytona USA motion; 2x Fast and Furious (original); Galaga; Gunblade NY; Ivan Stewart’s Off Road; Killer Instinct 2; Lost World (Jurassic Park); Mocap Boxing; 2x Motor Raid; NEOGEO 4-slot; Police Trainer 2; Pump It Up NX; Sega Strike Fighter; Silent Scope 2; Star Trek Voyager and more. For Pinball they have Arena; Check Mate; Firepower II; Las Vegas Club; Phantom of the Opera; and a few more. You can visit their website here or their Facebook page here.



We wish both locations the best of luck in the business and if you are in the area, drop by and give them some support!

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