Game Central Opens In Los Lunas, NM

arcadehero August 7, 2015 2
Game Central Opens In Los Lunas, NM

Sometimes in political debates, video games are accused as being the culprits of causing abhorrent, violent behavior in young people. That argument usually doesn’t hold water since stronger factors show up after the knee-jerk hyperventilating is over. So it isn’t often that you see the opposite being argued in the same media space – that games could be used to keep kids out of trouble.

That is the case with this new arcade called Game Central, which has opened up in New Mexico. Here is the local news report from KRQE13, which touches on the arcade almost a minute in:

I’ve done some searching and have not found any online presence for this arcade yet so the video here is all we have to go off of. Most of their current game selection is from the 90s up until very recent times: Big Buck Hunter Pro; Dirty Drivin’ (which by the way, has just been discontinued in manufacturing); F355 Ferrari; Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man combo; Guitar Hero; Maximum Force; Outrun 2; SF Rush 2049; The House of the Dead 1 and 4; and Time Crisis 4. They have an air hockey table along with some cranes and offer a snack bar. If you are in the area, go and check them out!

And what do you think of the argument that arcades can help keep kids/teens out of trouble? Yea or Nay? Comment below!



  1. RJAY63 August 8, 2015 at 1:04 pm - Reply

    Would teens really be interested in an arcade full of 90’s games? Maybe if they were very cheap to play.

    • voltz August 12, 2015 at 3:36 am - Reply

      I think they would be more interested if developers were more focused on making actual arcade games for arcades rather then your typical theme based gun and race titles.

      90’s games will have more appeal to those who played in that era, but I’d imagine it’s going to have a harder time catching on unless a few more current titles are lined up with them.

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