Time Crisis 5 Mastermind Update Now Available Worldwide

arcadehero September 3, 2015 1

(Thanks to Kieran May for the initial tip)

When we first found out about Bandai Namco’s Time Crisis 5 last year, it was revealed that the game would initially ship with three levels and that sometime later, three additional levels would be released as the “True Mastermind Edition”. There has been a bit of speculation about what it would entail but little information before what the end of the game would show. When I got a chance to play the game earlier this year, when I completed the levels it stated that the story would wrap up with the aforementioned Mastermind Edition and gave a little teaser of a guy grabbing the Wild dog briefcase. For those who have been anticipating that release, it is now upon us; this is partially confirmed by reports from “out in the wild” where people have been finding the updated game along with Bandai Namco confirming that the free update is available to operators who purchased the game. Here is a simple graphic showing what comes with the upgrade kit, including two signs to promote that the machine is in fact updated:

Picture of New Signs


It would be interesting to see how this would affect the earnings of the game. At three levels it did feel too short so six, assuming they aren’t super short stages, should help the overall replay value of the game while pleasing fans by wrapping up the story. What are your thoughts about this upgrade?

For kicks, my look at the release version of Time Crisis 5 from earlier this year:

Also as a note, the standard version of Star Wars Battle Pod will be released in limited quantities at the end of this month with another release happening in November (just in time for Episode VII)

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