Newsbytes: The Void Visit; Lots of Pinball; Sound Voltex III US Test; NTG#61

arcadehero October 17, 2015 5

Happy weekend everyone, I hope everyone’s arcade adventures this weekend are fun. For the post this week, get ready for a video overload. I do have a new podcast about ready to go, however I have not had the chance to sit down and edit out some of the interruptions as I have been busy. In part due to…

A Visit To The Void – With my good friend Kevin Williams in town, it was time to go and check out the VR experience that everyone has been talking about, The Void. I will save my full comments for the article that Kevin is working on about it but suffice it to say that with the bugs in place from still being prototype, it is the best VR experience I have used. They have hit on some aspects from the benefits that a physical, out-of-home entertainment environment can provide that home VR units simply are not going to be able to recreate. I’ll save further comments for a little later but in the meantime, here is their initial promo video to hype up the pitch that I heard. Whether it’ll live up to all of this (as they only have little of this figured out at the moment; they don’t have their specialized vest and HMD ready to go yet) is another question:

Pinball Expo 2015 Collection – I haven’t seen news about the Pat Lawlor game but for other items of interest:

Overall looks like it was a well-attended event and was the place to be for pinball this weekend. Which development do you find most interesting?

Konami’s Sound Voltex III Getting a Printer for All Round1USA locations this week – (UPDATED) Thanks to everyone that corrected me below that this isn’t about the game Sound Voltex III but for a printer to generate game character cards. My apologies on getting that wrong as information on these types of accessories often isn’t very clear (which can be an issue for many games in the industry where the manufacturer puts out little info on available accessories).  Well, that and the tweet below pretty much says it all 😛 This is a continuation of the “let’s test out Japanese arcade games in the US” fad that we’ve had going on.

Gunslinger Stratos 3 Coming To Japanese Arcades – Speaking of Japanese games, for all of the different titles that have been getting some testing in the United States this year, it is surprising that no one has officially tried out the popular dual light-gun game Gunslinger Stratos (or maybe they have, it bombed and no one wants to say anything; the appearance at GDC’14 doesn’t count as a test). Part of my surprise comes from the fact that it is a light-gun game although it is a bit more advanced than the typical gun game found in the US. Regardless, the series is doing well enough in Japan to warrant a 3rd entry. Not much has been unveiled about this yet including a release date; they will do so come the 20th of November.


New Redemption by Bandai Namco, Scoop Slider – Sent to me by Jdevy. No we don’t usually cover redemption but it helps fill something in for a Saturday:

Name That Game #61 – Here are the answers for last week, great guessing out there!

#1 – Haunted Museum / Panic Museum by Taito

#2 – Magician Lord by SNK

#3 – Monster Bash by Sega

Aaaaaaaaaand for this week:





  1. OMG KON! October 17, 2015 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Sound Voltex 3 is already at all Round 1 locations and is NOT location testing. All locations are receiving the Real Card Generator add-on.

    Source – I work for Round 1.

  2. Yanik Magnan October 17, 2015 at 9:40 pm - Reply

    Sound Voltex III has already been in Round1 locations around the US for a while; the tweet in particular is talking about generators, which are an external printer unit that can print “genesis cards”, collectible cards of in-game characters that are obtained through an in-game gacha. Higher rarity cards also have an impact on the pace at which you can unlock songs through later story missions. It was quite a grind to get them before this.

  3. K October 18, 2015 at 2:28 pm - Reply

    All Round 1 locations already have Sound Voltex. The thing they tweeted about is that little machine beside the arcade game that prints cards for collecting….

  4. john October 18, 2015 at 4:13 pm - Reply


    2 Wild Fang


  5. coffeelover239 October 18, 2015 at 4:49 pm - Reply

    1 House Of The Dead 4

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