IAAPA Monday: Ghostbusters Cabinet; The Hobbit Pinball; New videmption by Coastal; Catch The Light

arcadehero November 16, 2015 1

Today marks the beginning of IAAPA week so stay tuned for a lot of arcade news. The trade show officially opens tomorrow with today being taken up by seminars and other events but that hasn’t stopped several companies from sending out some info on what they have there. Let’s check out what we have heard so far:

Ghostbusters: ICE has unveiled this CG image of their new Ghostbusters arcade videmption game that was developed with Play Mechanix. According to the release: “The inviting, 2-player cabinet has eight movie sequences followed by the final Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bonus game.” Here you go:


Jersey Jack PinballThe Hobbit Pinball machine is there as expected and they also have 3 WOZ machines including a 75th Anniversary version. Apart from the close-to-final build of The Hobbit Pinball, the company is also going to be showing off their “Pindemption” system which they state increased revenues on their games by “192%” over a testing period of eight months…top that off with hooking operators up with financing and they are really gunning to please operators at this show as opposed to collectors (which IMO is best as a pinball game that is great for operators will be just fine for collectors). While I personally don’t need a redemption system on my pinball (I just need the games to be innovative, fun and flashy enough to attract play), that is a feature many locations have been wanting to get more people into pinball.

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Coastal Amusements – A new version of the video title Sharpshooter will be there with a new cabinet and more content although they did not provide a photo of the new cab.  They also announced today that they are introducing a new cabinet to house their growing library of videmption games. It will sport a 65″ screen, RGB LED lighting and it appears that it will make it easy to change out games.  For two new games joining their line-up in these cabinets will be  The Balloon Game and Frog Around. These appear to be made by Coastal themselves as opposed to ports of mobile apps so they likely will not have any sort of “amusement-only” mode to them:



Barron Games: In my IAAPA Preview video I mentioned Barron Games but had missed one product they are taking – a new version of Kriss Sport’s Catch The Light game.

If anything else pops up before I leave, I’ll update this post!

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