New Trailer Unveils Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International Pinball

arcadehero December 11, 2015 0
New Trailer Unveils Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International Pinball

A couple of times we have reported on the development of a new pinball machine known by the name of Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International Pinball by Wisconsin based Spooky Pinball (also in one of our podcasts, Sean interviewed company founder Charlie Emery where they discussed the game). There hasn’t been a ton of information on it the past few months as far as I have seen but that all changes today with this unveil trailer:

(Might be NSFW, depending on the audience)

The quality of the game looks to be top notch from this video (hurray for a color display!)¬†although one always has to use it in person to know that for certain. I like the layout and it is good of them to create a “Family mode” although the theme itself might be a cause for certain venues to avoid it regardless. For those that don’t, this looks like it will be a great game for those that enjoy the gruesome/horror theme or Rob Zombie. Given how much of his speech is in the game, that definitely should please fans. The game is slated to be shipping at the beginning of 2016 and this is actually the second game for Spooky Pinball, following America’s Most Haunted, which helps put them on the map as a bigger player in the pinball space.

What are your thoughts on this?

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