New Pinball Parlor: North Star Opens In Montreal, Canada

arcadehero December 31, 2015 1
New Pinball Parlor: North Star Opens In Montreal, Canada

(Thanks to Arcade Hunters for the tip)

Just a quick news item here, which nicely wraps up our 2015. I’m working hard at getting the 2015 Year-In-Review video completed before the year is officially over in my time zone but that is proving to be a challenge. Not every venue we reported on actually opened their doors (like Abari Game Bar and one or two others I am finding) so that is slowing things down as I try and confirm things.

In the mean time, a new pinball parlor has opened their doors for a soft opening up in Montreal Canada today, a business by the name of North Star. That news comes via A story by the CBC news service covered their plans back in May but legal issues are proving to be a major hurdle for the new location to have opened up until now. I’ll embed that video here; as you can see it appears they will have a number of classic pinball tables to offer including Dragon, PinBot, Black Hole and others. We wish them the best of luck in business through 2016 – and we wish all of you readers a happy New Year!

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  1. Hu-An January 3, 2016 at 11:44 am - Reply

    The bar is awesome…the machines are in perfect condition….drink prices are reasonable, decor ambiance is nice (even a jukebox and a photo cabient).

    I mean this is something everyone should experience…and those of us who love pinballs and classic arcade games should support.

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