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arcadehero January 23, 2016 1

For North America, snow is mostly in the news. Enormous snowstorms in the Eastern US happen every once in a while but either way hopefully you are all staying safe out there. In the meantime, let’s get to some arcade news!

Joysticks Arcade Bar – Not every new arcade location lands on our radar with their grand opening but as the saying goes, “better late than never.” Thanks to Anad-elad Relie on our Facebook page for pointing out the Joysticks Arcade Bar which opened up last year in Lincoln, NE. Featuring a roster of classic arcade games (CarnEvil, Contra, Defender, Donkey Kong, Frogger, NBA Jam, Street Fighter II, Super Off-Road, TMNT & more plus pinball machines like Ironman & Metallica) and well-reviewed food, they have been keeping the arcade flame alive in Lincoln. Check out their Facebook page here and if you are in the area, go and check them out!


Pop-Up Arcade Coming to Richmond, VA on Jan. 30th – If you are anywhere near the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery on Jan. 30th and you like classic arcade games then check out this “pop-up arcade” that is being thrown together by local collectors.

Indoor Sony Theme Park Coming To Albertville, MN – Thanks to StingrayTravel for the tip, Sony Pictures is developing a $115m project in Minnesota for a new indoor theme park concept. In addition to featuring a waterpark, it seems likely that they will ahve an arcade of some kind to entertain guests. The facility is aiming to open next year. [Via Star Tribune]


Taito’s Groove Coaster Coming West courtesy Round1USA: As this tweet indicates, Taito’s rhythm arcade game experience is finally making its way to the West this March. In Japan, this game is on its third round with Groove Coaster 3.

Arcade Expo 2.0 40 Minute Tour: If you didn’t have the chance to visit Arcade Expo 2.0 then this is the next best thing to seeing what it was like. If you have 40 minutes to burn, here you go:

Alien Pinball Magnet Test – Quick Test Video: Ok, this is short enough to be considered padding but here is how they are testing out a magnet feature on the upcoming Alien pinball machine by Heighway Pinball:

Speaking of videos, I am working on the 1996 look-back video but it has taken me longer thanks to getting side tracked. Until then, check out this new T-Shirt on the Arcade Heroes Teepublic store: I Like BIG Games And I Cannot Lie:


Name That Game #72 – Answers from NTG#71 are here:

#1 – Joust 2: The Survival of the Fittest by Williams (this game turns 30 this year)

#2 – Racing Beat by Taito

#3 – Kingdom Grand Prix by Raizing

Guesses for this week:





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  1. john January 26, 2016 at 9:39 pm - Reply

    1 Desert Tank?

    2 P-47 Mustang?

    3 River Patrol?

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