First Ever VR Arcade Conference To Be Held In California This May

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First Ever VR Arcade Conference To Be Held In California This May

Video game news has been buzzing with VR developments for a while now and in the arcade business we’ve had no exception to seeing the technology make an attempt to re-enter the business over the past few years. I have also heard through the grapevine that a number of arcade game makers are looking into out-of-home applications for the tech (including one manufacturer that is developing an in-home solution) so the interest is certainly there. How this round of VR will work out for the industry remains to be seen but at the very least this time has many more players involved than in the 90s (along with better tech that can absorb the costs).

To address those needs, the first ever VR Arcade Conference has been announced, which will be held a month from now in Mountain View, CA. As a part of boosting their line-up of speakers, industry expert and consultant Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and the DNA Association  has announced a partnership with the conference that includes a keynote address as well as sponsorship of the event. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Williams, his bio is detailed in the PR below.

We’re a little late on running this press release but there is still plenty of time to become involved for those interested:


For Immediate Release March 23, 2016

The First VR Arcade Conference Announces Important Partnership
Industry Specialist Confirms support of Ground Breaking Event


London, UK, March 23, 2016 – The inaugural VR Arcade Conference scheduled for May 2-4,
2016 has announced the signing of an auspicious partnership with Kevin Williams, Founder and
Director of consultancy firm KWP Ltd., Publisher of The Stinger Report, Chairman of the DNA
Association. He is a renowned specialist in the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE)
sector. In addition to presenting a keynote on developments in this emerging sector at the
conference, the DNA Association and The Stinger Report will respectively become sponsor and
media partner for this ground breaking event.
The first VR Arcade Conference will be taking place in Mountain View, California, during May
and has been designed to be the first ever event that addresses the emerging application of
Virtual Reality in the out-of-home entertainment sector. It has already gathered an auspicious
lineup of speakers and sponsors that will present developments in this highly auspicious market
sector. The conference has been designed to bring together VR hardware and software
developers, venue operators and investors, with major names in the sector, who’ll expound on
their plans in this key market.
Along with inspirational keynote presentations and specialist panel sessions covering the major
topics impacting the growth of this attractive market, the event will include a boot camp for
developers to learn how to develop content on each VR hardware platform. Many of the latest
VR amusement and attraction systems will be exhibited. The deployment of VR entertainment
hardware in the public-space will be defined during the three days of the conference, and the
event organizers are working towards establishing licensing partnerships between hardware
and software developers and the creation of a foundation to establish industry standards.
This unique conference will gather a highly exclusive audience of industry leaders and
specialists, along with a number of the most influential corporations working in this sector.
Tickets for the conference have gone on sale via the VR Arcade Conference website:
Commenting on KWP’s affiliation with this brand new conference, Kevin Williams stated “We
are greatly honored to be approached by VR Arcade Conference, to be able not only to present
and moderate at this ground breaking event, but also to have our trade association and media
outlet promote what will be seen as a must-attend gathering for those hoping to endure and
prosper in this emerging new sector”.
The need to gather the leading lights in this new sector was an essential objective for this first
event. VR Arcade Conference organizer Jeremy Lam commented, “Welcoming KWP, along with
the DNA Association and The Stinger Report to the mix offers us the ability to build a fantastic
first event. Kevin’s considerable knowledge of this sector, and extensive contacts greatly help
consolidating the event.”
This is planned to be the first of a series of regular conference events focused on the
emergence of VR amusements, attractions, and facility development. Proceedings from the
event will be recorded and circulated to help build a library of knowledge for those starting off
in the sector or those looking to build on their existing experience. The full lineup of speakers,
panel sessions and topics to be covered will be disclosed in the coming days, as well as the
initial list of supporting exhibitors.

Kevin Williams has an extensive background in the development and sales of the latest amusement and
attraction applications and technologies. The UK-born specialist in the pay-to-play sector is well-known
through his core consultancy business KWP Ltd., as well as being a prolific writer and presenter. He
publishes The Stinger Report, which covers the emerging new out-of-home entertainment market, and
has co-authored the book ‘The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier’ (Routledge Publishing),
the first of a series charting this sector.
Kevin speaks at a number of the major trade gatherings each year, returning recently from China, the
first Western consultant to be invited to present at the auspicious China Theme Park Construction
Senior Seminar; travelling to present at a number of international conventions in the sector on his
specialist knowledge of the business and technology. He is also one of the senior presenters at the
influential Foundation Entertainment University seminar program (now in its 14th year, and the
number one ranked educational program in the FEC scene).




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