Play Mechanix Launches Buckin’ Around Weekly Online Show

arcadehero May 12, 2016 0

Thanks to the advanced world we currently live in, TV viewership is in decline while streaming and other video websites sites picks up the pieces. And thanks to this new frontier, it is easier than ever for arcades to get some of the spotlight.


In lieu of that, arcade developer Play Mechanix has launched a new series that they broadcast weekly on called Buckin’ Around. As the name implies, this focuses on their flagship title, Big Buck Hunter and covers news from the world of Big Buck. That will include updates on tournaments, player interviews and gameplay footage.  The 3rd episode will air shortly after this post is published; you can watch it here on Big Buck Hunter’s channel.

If you are curious to catch it beforehand, then here is Episode 1 as uploaded to Youtube:

What do you think about this idea and are there any other games or companies you would like to see give this idea a spin?

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