Scale-1 Portal Launches Immersive Coach Exer-Game Content

arcadehero May 26, 2016 0
Scale-1 Portal Launches Immersive Coach Exer-Game Content

Variations on out-of-home VR style technology are growing in number out there although not everyone is a newcomer to the scene. Such is the case with French based company Scale-1 Portal, who has been providing a ‘Mixed Reality” experience with their product since the end of 2012. If you are unfamiliar with it, here is a promo video that gets the technology across pretty well; I likewise got a chance to use it at IAAPA 2015 (uses projection mapping, Kinect and simple 3D glasses).

Now the company has announced a new software package that is designed specifically for venues that have a focus on exercise or fitness. Called Immersive Coach, this takes advantage of what Scale-1 offers with games that require some physical effort to play. By what I understand, the games are presented as though you have a personal trainer coaching you through your workout. From the press e-mail received:


Aimed at sports centers professionals, Immersive Coach offers a breath-taking virtual reality fitness experience. The users are totally immerged in fun and exhausting experiences, through programs built with professionals coaches.
Though a dedicated mobile app connected to Immersive Coach, users can keep track of their progress and best scores & replays.

Here is the trailer:

What would be nice to see is the hardware not require the Kinect sensor to be so obvious in the corner or to maybe work with a curved display. That said, the more content available for a system like this, the better. What do you think about the Scale-1 as an alternative to offering VR in an arcade/out-of-home space?

[Official Scale-1 Portal Website]

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