New Arcade Watch: Bit Bar Salem (MA); Shelter Arcade Bar (RI); Playtyme Concessions (NC); Hi-Tech Arcade (NC); Flippers Family Arcade (WY); Up-Down Arcade (MN)

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We’ve got several new arcade locations to talk about again so let’s dive into it!

UPDATE: Added Up-Down Arcade To the Post below

Bit Bar Salem Now Open In Salem, MA – This isn’t the first Bit Bar we’ve mentioned before although it is different from the Bit Bar in TX (just a coincidence on the name). As you would expect, they have a nice selection of classic games to chose from including: Asteroids Deluxe, Crystal Castles, Cyclone(pinball), Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Hook (pinball), Klax, Mortal Kombat II, Ms. Pac-Man, Outrun Turbo, Rolling Thunder, Space Invaders Deluxe, Strikers 1945, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Tempest, The Simpsons, Zaxxon and more. You can visit their official website here or read more details @ Boston Eater.


Shelter Arcade Bar Opens In Providence, RI – We actually mentioned this arcade back in January but they have finally arrived at their opening date this month.  More details @ Providence Online

Playtime Concessions And Arcade Now Open In Tarboro, NC – for one we haven’t mentioned on the site yet is this new arcade that has opened their doors in a mall in Eastern NC. The business came as an evolution to the owner’s inflatable rental business and has a family-centric theme. Unfortunately I cannot find a website or even a Facebook page for this one yet so I am not sure what their game selection is but there is an article on them here at the Rocky Mount Telegram.

Hi-Tech Arcade Open in Kure Beach, NC – Also speaking of NC but little info to go on, I came across mentions of this Hi-Tech Arcade but I’ve found little apart from an unofficial Facebook page and a tweet that shows a new Ghostbusters Pro pinball game and a Jurassic Park in front of some redemption games. The Facebook only has mentions starting in May of this year so best we can assume is that it opened up then.

Flippers Family Arcade Opening This Weekend In Cheyenne, WY – I can’t recall any recent stories of an arcade opening in Wyoming although I’ve known of a few places that exist here and there. For those in Cheyenne, you’ll be able to find a new and large arcade open this 4th of July weekend by the name of Flippers Family Arcade. The operator in this instance does have experience in the business, having run routes in WY and CO so that is a bonus…as for his games, while it reportedly will feature “new and old” games as well as redemption, there is no list I have been able to come across. You can visit their Facebook page here.


Up-Down Arcade Opens in Minnaepolis, MN (thanks to @imjasonmh) – I had thought that this one had been mentioned on the site before but looks like it was missed. Up-Down Arcade has opened its doors this past weekend. They are not the only Up-Down branded facility, another one already existing in Kansas City, MO, so this marks location #2 as far as I know. Taking the traditional bar/arcade route, they have a selection of classic video games and pinball tables – Addams Family (Pinball); BurgerTime; Defender; three Donkey Kong games (original, JR and 3); Frogger; GI Joe; Gauntlet; Ghostbusters (pinball); two House Of The Dead games (1 and 3);  Ikari Warriors; Ironman (Pinball); Popeye; Primal Rage; Punch Out; Star Trek (pinball); Super Mario Bros.; Tempest; The Simpsons and several more. You can visit their official website here.


That’s a nice batch of new places to play! If you find yourself near any one of them, be sure to give them your support by buying some tokens/cards and playing some games!

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  1. Scott July 5, 2016 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    Just an FYI, the original Up-Down is in Des Moines, IA ( Kansas City was #2.

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