The Games of CAX 2016

arcadehero July 21, 2016 0

Another successful California Extreme (CAX) event came and went this past weekend and with that, many items of interest were seen. Let’s get started!

It’s The ’10s and It’s Time For CAX

Vid Kidz Reunion of Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar – Ok, so we’ll start with something that isn’t exactly a “game” but anyone interested in the arcade classics from Robotron to NARC and more, should check out this presentation by the original Vid Kidz:

Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp – At the last CAX, a 15-year old boy by the name of Brendon Parker created a cabinet for Crazy Otto, the original Pac-Man hack that eventually became Ms. Pac-Man. This year he was back with another creation that is based on a little known Pac-Man title that was mainly kept in Japan as Pac & Pal. PMCC received very little attention overseas so Brendon made this. More info on the creation of this cab can be found @ Pacific Arcade Company.

(Thanks to Michael Louie for these pics. Click to enlarge)

pacchomp1a chompchomp pacchomp3a pacchomp4 pacchomp5 pacchomp6a pacchomp7 pacchomp9

Lupin III: The TypingTyping of the Dead got a few imports into the USA but mainly served as a title in Japan. Here is one that is known even less, based on the popular anime series Lupin.

Eugene Jarvis Checks Out Skycurser – Chris Cruz of Indiana based developer Griffin Aerotech was there to show off Skycurser and Eugene Jarvis dropped by to check it out:

Super Rare Banzai Run – From the days when engineers experimented with some radical ideas in pinball:

Very cool Ghostbusters Pinball Topper – If I get a GB pinball, I’ll need one of these to go with it:

The Act An Interactive Comedy – I really need to get mine fixed after the proprietary JAMMA I/O board crapped out. Photo by Nick Peterson:


Get Your Laserdisc On – With all of those wonderful laserdisc games that not enough people cared about back in the day to make the tech a success:

World’s Largest Pac-Man – This is the newest title to be at the show, given that it was just released a little over a month ago. Photo by Nick Peterson.


360° Video of the Show Floor – If you are using the right device, you can drag/look around the show with this video:

If there is anything else of interest that pops up, it will be added to this post!

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