New Arcade Alert: Fremont Arcade (Las Vegas, NV); Arcade Closure: Arcade Street (Paris, France)

arcadehero September 6, 2016 0
New Arcade Alert: Fremont Arcade (Las Vegas, NV); Arcade Closure: Arcade Street (Paris, France)

We’ve got some good news and some bad news  regarding arcades with this post. Let’s get to the good news first:

Fremont Arcade Now Open In Las Vegas, NV (Thanks to Michael L. for the tip) – While it isn’t difficult to find entertainment in Las Vegas, getting some arcade goodness into your trip can be a little more challenging than finding some slots. Down on Fremont St., fairly close to the former site of the closed Insert Coin(s) bar/arcade is a new facility that has opened their doors by the name of Fremont Arcade. Sporting a wide selection of video games and pinball, they’ve got the bases covered if you are looking for some arcades, old or new. They are not a retrocade nor a bar/arcade – just a modern arcade place.  Their game selection includes: Aliens Armageddon, Joust, Jurassic Park Arcade (Raw Thrills), Killer Instinct 2, Medieval Madness pinball (remake), Metallica Pinball, MotoGP, Mustang Pinball, Sega Rally 3, Star Wars Battle Pod (flatscreen), Star Wars Episode I Pinball, The Hobbit Pinball, The Walking Dead Pinball, Time Crisis 5, Transformers Deluxe, Wizard of Oz Pinball, World’s Largest Pac-Man and more. That more includes some redemption games.  Check out their Yelp page here.

Photo credits: Pinball enthusiast ‘Positive Petunia’ and Toby N.:



Arcade Street In Paris France Closing October 11th (Thanks to Kieran M for the tip) – A few years ago, we mentioned Arcade Street getting started in Paris France and from the looks of it, they had an excellent selection of games setup for patrons to enjoy. Unfortunately, their lease has come up and they have to be out of the location next month according to Arcade Belgium. They are not leaving the business exactly although plans for what is next for the Arcade Street owners and their games have not yet been revealed. Hopefully another location or some sort of solution can be worked out. Here is a video of the location from their early days in 2013 so you can see what fans in Paris will be missing out on:

If you’re in the Vegas area, be sure to check out Fremont Arcade and if you’re in Paris, make sure to stop by Arcade Street before they close!

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