Heighway Pinball’s Alien Pinball Machine Unveiled

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Heighway Pinball’s Alien Pinball Machine Unveiled

We have been talking about Heighway Pinball’s second game, Alien Pinball, for a while now. The latest news had been that it was set to unveil next week on October 13th. However, the approval has come sooner so we have something to talk about as the company has begun production on the game!

Video & Photos


Official Promo video (direct link if the embed doesn’t work for you)

From the Alien Pinball launch party in Chicago on Oct 13th:

The Heighway Pinball site has been updated with more details, pricing (Standard starts at $6450USD plus freight+options; I’m hearing that the kit to swap out an Alien playfield with a Full Throttle is around $4300) and pics:



Alien Pinball Flyer

First, let’s discuss the flyer (click to engorge):



Game Details

I saw a teaser video of the game back at the Amusement Expo 2016 event where they were showing an alpha build of the game being played. While the playfield art has changed slightly (click here to compare), it is virtually the same apart from contrast and other minor changes. The color-changing Egg pop bumpers and the jumping Facehugger toys but the video did not show the airlock with the Alien Queen nor the Xenomorph ball grabber.

As you can see, this is a widebody game that uses the same design as their Full Thottle machine. This will be available as a kit so if you own a FT, you can swap games out in just a few minutes. For this design, there are four flippers, a drop target bank, a few ramps and of course, at least one LCD screen on the playfield. The artwork above is not final-final, there will be art on the front of the game instead of just black. As for the software, the artist for the game said:

The game is loaded with quotes and scenes from the movie, every single mode and gameplay feature directly references the films. No one will play this game and be confused what the source material is. It’s Alien and Aliens through and through.

Also, Optional extras that you can add to your game for an additional price:

Optional extras can be purchased up to one week prior to shipping of your game, and can be purchased online from 9.15pm on Thursday 13th October 2016 (prices will be listed on our website)
27” backbox LCD
Fibre Optic Lighting package
Blade EL Lighting system
Shaker Motor
Amber Rotating Beacon Topper
Non-reflective glass
Polished chrome trim package
Door to door shipping by Airfreight (7-10 days as opposed to 4-8weeks by sea)
Coin mechanism – single
Coin mechanism – double
+ more to follow

Pricing will likely be close to Full Throttle, which was in the $6000 range for the Standard model. Hopefully this will be at the IAAPA 2016 trade show in about a month

So what do you think of this game from the information above?


  1. pnmastr October 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    This game looks good. Word is we will see it this weekend in Chicago. Hope so! FR

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