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arcadehero October 8, 2016 3

I hope you have enjoyed the news this week. October is always a better time for news than September as we get close to IAAPA so more new game announcements come to light. Let’s start off with some news from about Cruis’n Blast and go from there.

Cruis’n Blast Launch Party At Logan Arcade In Chicago

Thanks to Jdevy for reminding me about this. Almost forgot. At the Logan Arcad ein Chicago, Raw Thrills is holding their first ever “launch party” for a game. This is similar to what Stern Pinball has done for launching new pinball games although that tends to cover various locations. Perhaps RT will do that in the future. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to check out a new game bring exposure to the location. Launch Party Facebook Page is here. The event is on October 19th so a full month before IAAPA 2016.

Arcade Revival Oct. 20th-22nd in Providence, RI

Rhode Island doesn’t show up a whole lot in arcade news but if you live in or near the Providence, check out this event in a couple of weeks. Various classic arcade titles will be available to play along with adult beverages. It almost sounds like a “pop-up” bar/arcade. More details here at KLOV.


A Very Rare Nintendo Arcade Game Is Up For Sale In Japan

Remember that amazing Nintendo arcade classic Monkey Magic? Never heard of it you say? Well, that’s not surprising as many of Nintendo’s pre-Donkey Kong efforts have been forgotten by time. That said, an auction for a Nintendo Monkey Magic Arcade machine is happening in Japan at the moment and it’s causing a stir among collectors. I wonder if it will end up out West by chance. More @Arcade Blogger

Live Out Your Dream To Be A Japanese Train Conductor With Taito’s Latest Densha De Go!!!

New trailer for Taito’s latest installment of the train simulator series which has been officially launched in Japan. Would be interesting to see if a place like Round1USA would get this.

Capcom Testing Out Legend Baseball Attraction in Japan

For that FEC in Japan that doesn’t have one of these already. Or is looking to upgrade. Full story on the new game and the location test over at Famitsu.


IGS’s Overtake DX in Action

As seen at the recent GTI Asia Taipei Expo. The game appears the same in everything but the slightly bigger cabinet and the motion seat. This seems to be an “answer” to Sega/InJoy’s Storm Racer G DX, based on the seat design.

Archer Pinball Basic Rules

If you’ve been curious to know how the independently made Archer Pinball machine is coming, this new video shows off some of the basic rules. May be NSFW with the animation on the backbox near the beginning.

Installing a Galaga Assault

Normally this would be an unboxing but it was already unboxed so installation it is!

Polybius Lives In VR Thanks To Jeff Minter

Legend has it that back in the 80s, a mysterious arcade machine by the name of Polybius appeared at an arcade in the NorthWest for about a month before getting pulled by mystery men in black suits. It caused amnesia and night terrors, among other weird things. Now that was all a load of crap but it hasn’t stopped the legend from growing and often you can find a Polybius machine in the background of Hollywood arcade scenes (around the 55 sec mark on that link).

Enter in another legend among game developers, Jeff Minter. Known for titles like Tempest 2000, Tempest 3000, Space Giraffe and most recently TxK (yeah, he’s been a bit obsessed with the Tempest concept), he was ordered by Atari to pull TxK from the Vita and is now finally moving onto other things, such as VR. His distinct style of play revels in the psychedelic, especially as hardware has improved to allow him to embellish in unusual effects.  While I am happy to see him finally move on from Tempest, I can’t imagine that this style of game is going to be easy to handle in VR. Although from watching the trailer here, I don’t really see what the point of a VR headset is for this game since it just moves forward on a track.

For the Serious Zelda Player

Name That Game #98 – We’re approaching NTG#100 fast! Here are the answers for last week:

#1 – Pengo by Sega

#2 – The Astyanax by Jaelco

#3 – Magical Spot II by Universal

For this week:





  1. Arcades4ever October 8, 2016 at 4:07 pm - Reply

    No idea on either of name that game. That zelda game I can see anyone wanting to stand for hours at a machine unless you’re a true true zelda fan, a sit down version of hyrule Warriors would be a very interesting concept that uses sega’s WCCF football game series.

  2. WMFCIkaruga October 8, 2016 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    1. Arabian Magic by Taito
    2. F-1 Grand Prix Star 2 by Jaleco
    2. G-Stream G2020 by Oriental Soft.

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