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arcadehero October 15, 2016 1

The leaves are changing colors and are falling while business at the arcade begins to pick up after the September doldrums. In the run up to the Winter time, I’ve picked up a Galaga Assault and a Rampage (the 1986 version) but I’ll be refraining from much else unless things pick up.


This Weekend’s News

New videmption game Tight Rope On Test – Reader Jdevy caught this new game on test in CA where you are cycling along a tight rope for tickets. Being CA and looking at the style, my guess is that this is an Andamiro game. Perhaps we’ll see it at IAAPA 2016


LAI Testing Out Let’s Bounce – Bouncing ping pong balls into games has been a thing ever since the Beer Pong games became arcadified a few years ago. This one involves bouncing balls off colored platforms for points and supports two players.

Viking Hammer Available From Family Fun Companies – Since we’re talking about videmption, I almost forgot about this tweet showing a new game from FFC. They are based in the US but I believe this is imported and translated:

New Battle Garegga Arcade On Test In Japan – It is coming to the PC and PS4 as well and most likely won’t get a PCB release (digital only) but still, nice to see a game as great as this getting some love again:

Pinball Expo 2016 – The big pinball event in Chicago is still happening, here are a couple of things I’ve stumbled across:

The most extensive coverage of the seminars and other happenings from the Expo can be found at

More Batman 66:

Houdini by John Popadiuk:

Apple Jacks Pinball – This isn’t a part of Expo but in case you haven’t had a nostalgia overload lately, this video should do that for you. The very first commercial here is for Apple Jacks cereal and they went with a pinball theme, re-skinning an Gottlieb Roller Disco just for this.

Name That Game #99 – There isn’t much else I was able to find today so we’ll end it with the latest version of NTG. From last week:

#1 – Arabian Magic by Taito

#2 – F-1 Grand Prix Star  Part 2 by Jaleco

#3 – G-Stream G2020 by Oriental Soft

For this week:




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  1. esmo October 16, 2016 at 5:41 am - Reply

    1.Double Dragon 3, by Technos
    2. Paddle Mania, by SNK
    3. Three Wonders, by Capcom

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