Coming To IAAPA 2016: Games By Australian Based Arcooda

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Coming To IAAPA 2016: Games By Australian Based Arcooda

IAAPA is the largest tradeshow for the arcade & amusement industry and it is only a few weeks away. In the run up to that, we begin receiving press releases and more to showcase what will be there.

Arcooda’s IAAPA Debut

A new Australian based company by the name of Arcooda is bringing some of their new products to the show. As the “manufacturing arm of Highway Group of companies” that roster will include “the Xtreme Game Wizard, Touch Wizard and Arcooda Video Pinball” as well as a game called Mystic Dragon.  According to their website, some of these products are focused more on home while others are for commercial.

Video Pinball

The main product that the company is promoting is their new video pinball solution, which the video below calls “the most advanced video pinball machine in the world.” Shaped like a pinball machine, it will offer numerous recreated tables to play via PinballFX. Would be interesting to see if they license some of those for the commercial market.

Mystic Dragon

While I am unable to find pictures of this new game, it is going to be similar to the videmption fishing games that are popular out there. Arcoodia has Ocean King 2 as a part of their products list so I imagine that this will be the latest in that line-up.

Xtreme Game Wizard

This one is home focused. It offers something like a Japanese Vewlix cabinet while making it easy to connect just about any platform to it.  In addition to the numerous buttons and even trackballs, they also have several volume options. Like the Atomiswaves of old, you can change out the control panel to something like a steering wheel.


I’ll be sure to stop by their booth to say hi and see what solutions they have for the commercial market.


Media Release

Arcooda Pty Ltd
44-48 Maitland Road
Mayfield East, NSW, 2304
Tel: +612 4968 9313
Fax: +612 4968 9314

Media contact

Arcooda media department
T: +61 249 689 313

Australian arcade and pinball machines make international debut

Australian manufacturer Arcooda will show its game-changing arcade and pinball machines at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo.

New Australian manufacturer Arcooda will debut its first-of-a-kind arcade and pinball machines to international audiences at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo trade show.

Arcooda is the manufacturing arm of the Australian-based Highway Group of companies. It was established in 2016 and has since released a number of state of the art, never-before-seen digital arcade and pinball machines that are designed for commercial and home use.

Arcooda will be set up in booth 6106 at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show in Orlando, Florida between November 15 and 18.

It will have a number of its new arcade and pinball machines available for trade show attendees to play with including the Xtreme Game Wizard, Touch Wizard and Arcooda Video Pinball.

Arcooda will also release Mystic Dragon at IAAPA. Mystic Dragon is the latest title in Arcooda’s Fish Hunter gaming series, which is designed to be played on the company’s Fish arcade cabinets.

“We are very excited to release our new models at IAAPA,” Arcooda CEO Steve Josifovski said.

“We have been working for the past three years with a number of leading software and hardware companies from Japan, Italy, Australia and USA to produce what we believe are the most advanced arcade machines for the home market.

“Our philosophy is that the owner buys the machine once and continues adding software titles for unlimited gaming options. Game players have a variety of options in playing our machines, whether it’s our video pinball machine or our joystick and touchscreen arcade machines. They can use touch, joystick, hand controllers as well as different gaming consoles – all on a plug in and play system.”

Arcooda Video Pinball was well received when it was launched at the 2016 Australasian Gaming Expo in Sydney, Australia in August.

The IAAPA trade show will be the first time international audiences can play Arcooda Video Pinball and use the Touch Wizard.

Watch Arcooda’s arcade and pinball machines in action on YouTube.

For more information about Arcooda and its products head to

Images can be downloaded from this Dropbox link:

Image captions:

IMG_4020: Chloe McCarthy, Valentina Josifovski and Arcooda CEO Steve Josifovski pictured at the Australasian Gaming Expo (held in Sydney, Australia in August) with the Arcooda Video Pinball machine. The trio will be attending the 2016 IAAPA trade show in Orlando in November.

IMG_4023 and 4025: Valentina Josifovski and Arcooda CEO Steve Josifovski pictured at the Australasian Gaming Expo (held in Sydney, Australia in August) with the Arcooda Video Pinball machine.

About Arcooda

Arcooda is an Australian manufacturer of innovative arcade and gaming machines plus custom software for the gaming industry. The company’s team has a long history in the amusement industry. Follow Arcooda on Twitter (@Arcooda), Facebook (Arcooda), Google +, YouTube, or Instagram (@Arcooda_).

About the Highway Group

Highway Group is an Australian company that has been involved in the arcade and amusement industry for more than 27 years. It specialises in game development and distribution to more than 50,000 clients in 180 different countries. For more information about the Highway Group visit

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